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Publication list for members of
E184 - Institute of Information Systems
E184-1 Verteilte Systeme, Informationssysteme
as authors or essentially involved persons
1998 - 1998

3 records

The complete list of publications of the Faculty of Informatics is available from the publication database beginning with the publication year 2002. The database may but need not necessarily contain publications dated earlier than 2002.

Publications in Scientific Journals

  1. S. Dustdar:
    "Critical Issues Using MBone Videoconferencing on the Internet";
    Journal of Computing and Information Technology, 6 (1998), 3; 273 - 283.

  2. S. Dustdar, R. Huber:
    "Group Decision Making on Urban Planning Using Desktop Multimedia Conferencing";
    Multimedia Tools and Applications, 6 (1998), 1; 1 - 14.

Contributions to Books

  1. S. Dustdar, M. Angelides:
    "Multimedia Information Systems";
    in: "Handbook of Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications", CRC Press, Boca Raton, USA, 1998.