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The complete list of publications of the Faculty of Informatics is available from the publication database beginning with the publication year 2002. The database may but need not necessarily contain publications dated earlier than 2002.

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  1. Relevance 1034 - Contribution to a Book:

    J. Klasek:
    "Betriebssysteme und Systemsoftware (Überarbeitung)";
    in: "Informatik, third extended edition", Springer, Wien, 1996, ISBN: 3-211-82860-5, 247 - 379.

  2. Relevance 1011 - Talk or Poster Presentation (with Proceedings-Entry):

    J. Blieberger, J. Klasek, E. Kühn:
    "Ada Binding to a Shared Object Layer";
    Talk: Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe, Santander, Spain; 06-07-1999 - 06-11-1999; in: "Lecture Notes in Computer Science - Ada-Europe Conf.", Springer-Verlag, 1622 (1999), ISBN: 3-540-66093-3; 263 - 274.

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  3. Relevance 1011 - Diploma or Master Thesis (authored or supervised):

    J. Klasek:
    "Dynamische Software- und Hardware-Instrumentierung";
    Supervisor: U. Schmid, G. Schildt; Institut für Automation, 1994.

  4. Relevance 1000 - Book or Book Editorship:

    J. Blieberger, J. Klasek, A. Redlein, G. Schildt:
    "Informatik, third extended edition";
    Springer, Vienna, 1996, ISBN: 3-211-82860-5; 430 pages.

  5. Relevance 978 - Publication in a Scientific Journal:

    U. Schmid, J. Klasek, T. Mandl, H. Nachtnebel, G. Cadek, N. Kerö:
    "A Network Time Interface M-Module for Distributing GPS-time over LANs";
    Real-Time Systems, 18 (2000), 1; 25 - 57.